Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Don't Post Images Of Your Laminate / Crew Passes On Social Media - EVER

Yes, it's tempting.

You're lucky enough to be at a big show, working in some capacity and you want to show off, tell all your friends - it's what Social Media is for, right?

Er no. You are likely to be fired.

I know several that have been. I know some that have been taken to court. Just don't do it.

Watch how easily these two make fake working passes from this Instagram post, a wristband (like this one), then simply walk into the secret "we're-playing-Glastonbury-2017" Foo Fighters show in Frome.

Fortunately, these two just wanted to see the show, they didn't try and get backstage / onstage.

But, following the awful events at the Ariana Grande concert on the 22nd May, this message needs to be repeated.


Imagine if Salman Abedi had also created a pass from a social media post, walked past security and detonated his device inside the arena?

Yes, he could've bought a ticket, but the pass would've allowed him to roam anywhere.

So if you see a friend or contact posting images of passes on social media, tell them off. Please. Let's make this something you just don't do on social media.

Donate here to support families of those killed and injured in the Manchester Arena attack, or text ‘LOVE’ to 70507 to give £5.

To see how they made fake passes, skip to 1:30.

It's not about the promoter losing money. The last thing you want at a show is a nutjob with a pass; ask Noel

Or Robbie

But don't mess with Keith.

Here's the image they photoshopped - it's still on Instagram;

H/t UK Touring Crew **Updated Friday 1st June**

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  1. These posers who make dummy passes are clueless boneheads. Some of us--myself included--have gotten real laminates handed to us personally by band members. Now THAT is an adrenaline high you can't make in Photoshop!!