Friday, 24 February 2017

Eminem & Rihanna (Replaced By A Parrot)

To celebrate the announcement that Eminem is headlining the Reading Festival this summer, here is a Parrot replacing Rihanna on "The Monster"

80 Songs / Some Of Which You Probably Didn't Know Were Cover Versions (And Their Originals)

The video's slightly misleading title is "Top 80 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers & Their Originals", but you should know most of these are covers.

However, one that did genuinely surprise me, The Clash (never liked them) and their 1979 punk anthem "I Fought The Law". This was in fact a 1960 cover of US rock and roll band The Crickets, formally known as Buddy Holly & The Crickets, but released after Buddy had "left" the band, also known as the day the music died.

Anyway, it also includes Natalie (PHOAR!) Imbruglia's "Torn" which she famously claimed to have written during a live interview on the Chris Evans Breakfast show, as well as some fairly obvious ones, that if you didn't know were covers, then quite frankly, you need to get out more.

Another one to be filled in the "Talent Borrows, Genius Steals" section, as some of the cover versions are clearly loads better than the originals.

H/t to Rob Durham for sharing.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Victoria Line Train Doors Sing Queen's "We Are The Champions"

I've just spotted this in the comments for my Jubilee Line Ticket Barrier Sings Blur's "Song 2", along with "thanks for the inspiration" :) Reminds me, I must finish my second "difficult album"...

Questions about Star Wars

Brilliant. Probably an accurate portrayal of Daisy Ridley's life at the moment, in the build up to The Last Jedi*

Starring Daisy Ridley, Josh Gad (Cameraman & Voice of Olaf from Frozen**), Dame Judi Dench as well as Chris Pratt (Avengers), Penelope Cruz (PHOAR!), J.J. Abrams and several others actors that aren't that well known to me.

*Spoiler Alert 1 : Disney have confirmed that the Last Jedi is plural. Jedi is the plural of Jedi.

**Spoiler Alert 2 : Olaf is in Frozen 2.

Mash : The Smiths vs 21 Pilots "Stressed Out Charming Man"

Love a good mash up, there's only so many notes after all, and this is a good one isn't it, hmm? Other faves are Specials vs Wu-Tang and Jefferson Airplace vs Fatboy Slim "Somebody To Praise" - there's also Beyonce vs Benny Hill but this isn't really a mash up, just bloody funny..

Touching The Top Of Canary Wharf (1 Canada Square)

Not for those with vertigo, but seeing as the terrorist threat level is currently severe in the UK, how to two teenagers easily manage to get into 1 Canada Square, into the lifts, and into the pyramid roof, even touching the very top. Someone's going to get fired. Skip to 3:25 to show them simply jumping the security barriers.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Iceland Under Full Moon & Northern Lights

Join Ozzo Photography surfing and Kayaking under northern lights and the full moon in Iceland, from the warmth of your current viewing location.